The process from start to finish of a commission can be a long one, but well worth it for the results. Below you will find a run down of the steps needed to take. Please also see prices.

1. Take a photo of your pet

As I cannot see your pet in person, I create pet portraits from your own photos – therefore it goes without saying that to provide you the best possible portrait, clear and detailed photos are needed. My studio is set up as such that I use a HD monitor to display and zoom in on the reference photograph, to capture the subtleties of your dog’s markings and features – sometimes to the level of individual hairs!

That’s not to say I need professional standard photographs, however – a good digital camera should do the trick. Although, clients often tell me that the camera isn’t the issue at all – it’s getting the dog to sit still for the picture in the first place, and in the right pose!

Contact me

Once you have your portrait-worthy shot, the next step is to get in touch to discuss your requirements. You can do this in several ways  – email me, message me via my Facebook page, or we can talk about your requirements over Skype after arranging a suitable time via email or Facebook. As for sending photos over, you can email your pictures, or if you only have it as a physical copy, post them (but be sure to make copies of them before entrusting them to the postal service…). Once the portrait is complete, I will then post them safely back to you.

I like to make the portraits extra special by including something personal to the person commissioning in the background. The lady who commissioned this portrait was originally from Sweden, so in the top right corner I used a page from an old 1970′s atlas. When she received the portrait, she was delighted to see this! So, don’t hesitate to let me know if you want anything important to you or your dog literally embodied in the painting – I will do my best to find the literature to reflect it.

Let the painting begin!

I will begin in earnest on your dog portrait! I will keep you up to date with your portrait’s progress by sending you regular work in progress photographs – that way, you can suggest or request alterations as I go to create a truly personal work of art. Of course, if you prefer to wait until the end for a big reveal I also understand, and will keep my mouth sealed (and my camera packed away)!

The length of time a portrait depends on a few factors, such as composition, size and fur coloration (darker fur of course takes more layers to build up opacity with the acrylic paint). If you are one of the many people looking to give my dog portraits as a gift, please let me know of any unmissable dates (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries etc) and I will do my very best to accommodate!

Once you’re happy with your portrait, you will need to complete payment before I can send you the painting. For UK clients, I use next day trackable courier service.