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Hi there! How are you? My name is Tom Buckley (if you hadn’t already guessed from the website name), and I’m a UK based dog pet portrait artist. I’m here to create for you a lifelike acrylic portrait of your dog from photos, but with a unique twist – my signature style is using old recycled book pages on the canvas. If you are looking for a portrait that will be the centrepiece of your home (without overpowering your decor), a commemorative piece to celebrate the life of your dog, or a thoughtful gift for fellow dog lovers – you are in the right place.

Having started out in August 2012 as a hobby artist, I’ve now gained momentum and have a steady stream of clients. There is no greater satisfaction than hearing the many positive comments from dog owners once they receive their portraits – knowing that I have managed to capture the essence of their dog’s character on canvas is truly satisfying.¬†Please browse some of my client’s comments below.

I love it.¬†It’s quite mesmerizing with all the words in it. You’ve done a great job capturing his character. I feel like he’s looking at me.

Andrea Newberry

Editor of The Bull Terrier Yearbook, Ukusa Bull Terriers

That’s my baby!! It looks absolutely fantastic! I’m so looking forward to see it on my wall!

Katarina Andersson

Today we received a very special gift from some very special people, thank you all so much, we love it!

Andy Orton

More about me as an artist:

How did I get into painting pet portraits? Like most good things in life, it happened by accident – I used to paint a lot when I was younger, first Warhammer models (for which I won a national award), then other subject matter. I’ve never been a watercolour landscape kind of guy – I need subjects that excite me – back then it was orks, and it’s moved onto dogs. I just so happened my friend at the time was drawing other people’s pets, and I thought – why not try that myself? My first dog portrait was a Bull Terrier puppy called Daphnee, owned by Draydur Bullterriers, who served as my unwitting portrait guinea pig – when I put the pictures onto Facebook, I was taken aback with response! I began to receive more and more requests – and I’ve never looked back!

If you want know what’s involved in commissioning me to paint your pet, see the commission pages.

More about the non-artist me:

If you’ve read down this far, it would only be polite to let you know a little bit more about me! I’m currently 20 years old, and actually I’ve been slightly dishonest with you; I am only an artist half of the time – the other half, I am a medical student at Oxford. Like Peter Parker/Spiderman, I live a dual life, except I’m not doing a good job at concealing my two identities… My home is in sleepy Shropshire, England, often referred to as ‘The Shire’ referencing the fact that Tolkien took inspiration from our area in his creation of the Hobbit region of Middle Earth. I enjoy running (mad I know) – I recently completed a marathon in just over 3 hours and my legs haven’t been the same since!

If you want to keep up with my studio activities and artistic ramblings, then please stop by my Facebook page or subscribe to my email list here.

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